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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nigerian Student Cuts And Swallows Manhood In Ghana

Wonder shall never end as a Nigerian student that is studying in Ghana has by his own hands cut off his Manhood and swallowed it.

This incident occurred last Friday and it was just surprising. One cannot say why the young man of 25 years who is a Zaria indigene in Kaduna cut off his penis and swallowed it. This story looks unbelievable but true.

He has now been admitted a Ghanian teaching hospital. According to the report we got, someone that is not a Ghanian will spend an average tuition fee per academic session around $6,000 (over N900,000). If his parents could pay his fees for studying in Ghana, it was doubtful hunger was not the boy’s reason.

What is said to happened is that He might be Under A Spell. Only God Knows..

 The Jamb Ume Blog Team.


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