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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All About Jamb Utme 2012/2013 Registration Released

"If  One  Fails To Plan, Then Such Person Has Plan To Fail Already"

"Procrastination Is The Killer Of Success"

The first quote explains itself and I know that you already know that if you are by now still thinking of whether to buy the 2013 Jamb form or not, then you are already planning to fail.

The second quote is about reading. I have been there before. I noted that students and candidates have not study hard enough but wait till the examination date is near before reading. This will never be of help but rather it will only help your brain lazy. Because, you will be cramming and cramming. So, I strongly advise you to start ready now if you are yet to do that. Start Now

Now to the main subject. How to Register for 2013 JAMB UTME examination. We thank God that the 2013 Jamb UTME registration has commenced and all that are interested in the studying in any tertiary institution Nationwide should proceed and get the 2013 Jamb Registration Card.

More details on How Much Is Jamb Form? is available now. Click here.

Please note that you are to get the 2013 Jamb UTME registration card at only the designated places, not just any place. If you are looking for place that you can get your Jamb registration card, get it now at 2012/2013 JAMB SALES POINTS AND DESIGNATED CENTRE...Click Here.

Since November, 2012, the Jamb board has made the official registration portal open for all to view. First of all, you are not to register the Jamb UTME by yourself. This is not a do-it-yourself tutorial either. The Jamb board has announced that all Jamb UTME Registration must be done at JAMB Registration Centres/Authorized Cafes

Click here to see one of the 2012/2013 Jamb Registration Centres/Authorized Cafes nearest to you.

The official amount that Jamb UTME scratch card is sold for has been released officially to the public to know.  But there might be a slight increase in the amount it is sold for because of the bank charges.
 Read more on 2013 Jamb UTME scratch card now by click here....

It has been announced by the Jamb board that the 2013 will have two options for those that are sitting for the examination. Yes, 2 (two) options of the examination. They are either the Paper And Pencil Method (PPT) which is normally done or the Computer Based Test Method (CBT), a newly introduced method.

The Computer Based Test Method (CBT) is introduced first in the 2013 Jamb UTME examination and it was said by the board that it is 100% okay for students. It is just click that is required not much. Candidate that is interested in this option must a computer literate. He or she must be able to handle the mouse and system to an extent. This method will soon be prefer to the Paper And Pencil Method (PPT). More details on the 2013 JAMB UTME CBT is available on request, Click Here.

Before you start your registration, you are to print out the 2013 Jamb Utme Registration Template because this will help you to know the information that are needed to complete the online registration. The template can be taken to your parents or guardians to check and fill. Ensure you dully fill the template/form and take it back to the Jamb Registration Centres/Authorized Cafes nearest to you. You can get the same 2013 Jamb Utme Registration Template from the Jamb Registration Centres/Authorized Cafe that you wants them to help you. You will be charged nothing less than N700 (Seven Hundred Naira Only). That's JAMB official rate for the registration. Nothing much, nothing less.

"It is now that is best to fill and submit your 2013 JAMB UTME form".

Things to Note Before and After 2013 Jamb Utme Registration / FAQs About 2013 JAMB UTME REGISTRATION

* You must have a valid email address for Jamb to be able to send you some of your vital information.

* Don't leave your 2013 Jamb Utme Registration Scratch Card at the Jamb Registration Centres/Authorized Cafe. Collect and keep it safe because you will need it.

* Be sure of the examination town you want before filling. Because once you submit the form, you cannot change the examination town anymore.

* You must only use your most recent Passport Photograph (not older than 3 months) before you start your registration. You are advised to test the validity of your passport photographs before proceeding to fill.

* Don't make any mistake with your personal details such as your Name, date of birth, Origin, gender and among others. Because once you or/and the person doing the filling for you submit the form, you cannot change any of the details.

* Please keep your Card and Receipt properly and always Log-out before quitting the system.

* During Sign In, your PIN and serial Number shall be required, which shall be validated. On first use, your personal details including your biometrics fingerprints and recent Passport photograph will be required.

* If you misplaced your card, you have a chance to retrieve it. The Lost Card Option on the 2013 JAMB Utme page will help you solve that. It allows you to retrieve your lost Card details upon supply of valid required info that is unique to you.

* You can also reprint your Slip after registration with either your Registration Number or PIN without signing in.

Do you have any enquiries , please forward them to or  call 08072522813, 07031283713, 07031283662.

If you don't know what to do or you have a bugging question, then send me a mail on BABSOMOTDEN@GMAIL.COM

 More updates will be added as time goes on. Please share and subscribe to our newsletter to get inform on time regarding updates from Jamb and 2013 Jamb Utme.
 The Jamb Ume Blog Team.


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