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Saturday, April 06, 2013

All About 2013 WAEC Biology Specimens Expo

 No man who worships education has got the best out of education.... Without a gentle contempt for education no man's education is complete.  ~G.K. Chesterton  

Alot of students has been trying their best to see that they score high grades in the 2013 West Africa Examination Council Exam. Some requested for the waec specimen 2013 for biology.
Now, you can have it. It is all here for you to read and study them.
I know that if you know some few things or have an idea what kind of specimen will be use, you can then go ahead and study about them (Waec Biology Specimen 2013) in details. What I think you should do now that have an ideal of what will be set, prepare well and God will help you . Study their features, uses and economic importance of all the specimen.
These are the specimens we think will be for the 2013 WAEC Examination for the Biology Practical.

SPECIMEN A- Stem of cassava plant/sugar cane/sweet potato
SPECIMEN B- Plantain/Banana/Pineapple sucker.
SPECIMEN C- Runner of Grass.
SPECIMEN D- Spirogyra filaments in water.
SPECIMEN E- Lung of freshly killed goat.
preserved Toad.
SPECIMEN G1- Water leaf
plant with fresh stem (Talinum triangulare).
SPECIMEN G2- Water leaf plant with fleshy stem (left in cosin solution for minimum of six hours).
SPECIMEN H- Freshly prepared iodine solution.
SPECIMEN L- Skin of a goat/sheep/cow.
SPECIMEN M: Feather(Quill).
SPECIMEN N: Shell of a giant African snail.
SPECIMEN P: Tuber of Irish potato.
SPECIMEN Q: Twig of hibiscus/Bougainvillea.
SPECIMEN R: cassava cutting.
SPECIMEN S: Hind wing of cockroach
Possible questions maybe publish  very soon. And also, it will not be a right thing to do if I don’t credit the guys that did a nice job to get it publish. They are friends from the and they are fantastic. Many Thanks to Them.
Do you have any question or additional words for this post, then use our comment box below. And we will get back to you. More news update concerning WAEC and its practicals will be out very soon. Would you like to get the latest news update and deliver? Stay glue to us on by liking our FACEBOOK page and subscribing for our EDUBABS NewsLetter You can find it at the sidebar..

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