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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

2013 JAMB Result Upgrade - How To Do It

THE 2013 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board - JAMB Result Upgrade has become the talk of the town overnight. Alot of advertisements have been on topix and other media showcasing their ability to upgrade your jamb score. Do you want to do it smart and clean? Read On

Many people are now online and are using it as an opportunity to scam people. Yes, we are in Nigeria. Many guys need money badly and they are going miles to get it. Just to get some of the candidates of the 2013 JAMB examination. And if you fall for it by paying into their accounts, then you are already living in O.Y.O if you know what I mean by that.

I mean O.Y.O is an abbreviation of 'On Your Own'. SO, WAKE UP!!!

Don't let any Naija scam artist con you and make it seems you can be truly  Upgrade Jamb Result. It is out and out for good. But there is one comment I saw from one of the leading Educational Portal of recent...

Watch The Video on the Review on 2013 JAMB result Upgrade. Click Here


Go to for full details

 The Jamb Ume Blog Team.


Usman Idris said...


Many do say upgrading is a scam and there is no truth about it honestly they are 100% correct and also they are 100% wrong...WHY? When they are saying no result can be edited, check it well they are trying to say that THERE IS NO SOFTWARE YOU CAN USE, OR A WAY THROUGH WHICH YOU CAN HACK WAEC DATABASE TO CHANGE YOU RESULT AND THAT IS 100% CORRECT AND VERY TRUE When it comes to upgrading of result, I dont upgrade using any software,hacking or any magical mean because that is very very impossible!!!!! SO HOW DO I GET IT DONE?WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING IN NIGERIA AND YOU HAVE YOU CONNECTIONS AND YOUR STRONG LEG TO GET IT DONE, YOU WILL GET IT WITH EASE ASFAR AS YOU KNOW THE RIGHT CHANNELYour result can be upgraded at the computation stage {I mean after your result has been marked and it is been computed into the database} People that program your result to be available on the internet are people like us and not robot so imagine knowing one of them? even if you have F9, changing it to A1 wont be a problem and that is why you see some students that did well in their exams coming out with F9 OR D7 and you might be suprised that "I DID THIS EXAM WELL WHY DO I HAVE D7? A mistake might have been done by the person that program your result.....Marking of your result are also done by teachers like us and not robots, most of it are even marked by their children so all U need to achieve result upgrading is A VERY VERY STRONG CONNECTION OF WHICH IS NOT A PROBLEM HERE


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