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Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 NECO Registration Deadline Announced

A lot of students have been searching and asking same question all over again. "When will 2012 neco exam close"? You are at the right place for all about 2012 neco.

This is to pass across to mainly the students that are yet to register for the 2012 National Examination Council Popularly known as N.E.C.O.  that the registration will be closing on the 28th of Febuary, 2012.

You are advised to grab the form and register it right away. Let's go there.

Remember to tweet us today...Only 20 secs of your time....Thanks


Unknown said...

Pls. Its too soon. It should be extended.

Rex Daniels Anyahuru said...

NECO should be extend please.

Dr Babatunde Omot Yusuf said...

Thanks for the comment, Unknown and Mr. Rex D. A. We at wish it could be extended. Buit if there is any news about the extention of date, we will get you posted. Thanks

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