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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jamb Utme 2012 eXPO, Questions And Answers Leaked

Please don't tell anyone that I gave you the questions and answers to your Jamb 2013. Or else it will be canceled. Well, to be sincere and not here to give you any question or answer...sorry for that but I'm here to give you the best and sure fire ways to "JAMB" jamb once and for all. Do you know that there has been a rapid and sharp increase in the number of students sitting for Jamb every year. In return, there is a huge sum of money moving from the students', parents' and guidance's purses going into the JAMB purse each year.

 2012 is not excluded with about 40% increase in the number of candidates. The main thing about jamb is just same issue as life.

Some will have to go through (pass), some will have to try(just trying) and the last category will have to try again(fail). It is just three ways. Though, the last two which are the "tryers" and fallers will have to sit for jamb in year 2013 which will also make the figure of 2013 candidates increase again.

Moreover, 50% of students that sat for the exam passed Jamb. But what of the post Utme? That what make the 50% become 37%.

These are the best tips and guide for you to "jamb" jamb once and for all.

  •  Read harder and even harder.
  •  Discover your problem areas, and give devote more revision time to them.

  •  Do not deceive yourself searching for fake answers on the Internet, use the time you are to waste doing that to read.
  •  Read with past question papers and see how questions are answered.
  • Test yourself on speed, accuracy and otherwise.
  •  Try to locate your exam center, at least 2days to the exam date.
  •  If your center is far, make arrangements to be there at least a day before the exam date.
  •  Follow instructions, in other words, DO NOT enter the exam hall with any material that may/will implicate you.
  • Start with questions/subjects you know well and be time conscious.
  • Before you submit your script, make sure you shade all the remaining questions at random, don't leave them blank. Who knows? Your very last guesses may be right.
  • Make sure you shade properly following invigilators instructions.

All these are done, never forget to pray. God will surely help you and crown your efforts with success. Hope this is really helping you.


Anonymous said...

I also believe in prayer but with is matter of post utme I have been at home of some time . Now need to write another utme . Will they cancel d writting of post utme. Pls and people who did not hav up to my marks are now in school.

Prince Johnson Essien said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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