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Thursday, April 26, 2012


1. What is the area, in square
feet, of the triangle whose sides
have lengths equal to 10, 6 and
8 feet? A) 480
B) 24
C) 48
D) 30
E) 40

Question 2.
3102 + 9 X 3100 +3103-:-3 = ?
A) 3101
B) 3102
C) 3103
D) 3104
E) 3105

Question 3.
Of the 80 students in class,
25 are studying German,
15 French
13 Spanish.
a.) 3 are studying German and French,
b.) 4 are studying French and Spanish.
c.) 2
are studying German and
d.) and none is studying all
3 languages at the same time.

How many students are not
studying any of the three
A) 27
B) 18
C) 53
D) 62
E) 36.
2012 Waec Mathematics Theory.

Evaluate without using table,or calculator
(3.69 x 105)/(1.64 x 10-3)
leaving your answer in standard form.
A man investd 20,000 in bank A and 25,000 in bank B at the beggining of a year,bank A pays simple interest at a rate of y% per annum and B pays 15% per annum.
If the total interest at the end of the year from the two banks was 4,600.find d value of y

simplify x2-8x+16 X 2-7x +12.

if 1/2,
1/x,1/3 are succe term of an arithemetic progression
A.P shows dat 2-x=2x-33.

A diagram show that a cross section of a railway tunnel if
AB =100M and the radius arc 5.56m.
calculate the correct and nearest perimetre,metre of the cross section.

why is 60km away from x on a bearingof 135degree z is 80km away from x on a distance of z.

bearing of z from y.
five out of 24 apples in a box 6 are bad,if 3 apples are taken from the box at random with replacement find the probability that the
A) 2 are good and the third is bad,
B) the three are bad.
C) all 3 are good.

Section A Answer all questions inthis part.
1a) Simplify 1 3/4-3 1/3 divide 1
2/3 +2 1/2
1b)solve x if
(5x)base 7=37
base 10 2
(a)Make Z d sub of formula q=3roots(Z square/v +u)
(b)4ras(n-1)multiply 5ras (2n-2) multiply 10ras (n)=1 4

find the perimeter of a rectangle 24cm and the difference between the length and the width is 2cm.
find the length and width of the rectangle 6.
A motorist travels for 30km at xkm/h and for 90km at y km/h and take places 2.5hrs for the journey.
if the speed are interchanging the journing take two whole no 1 over 6 hrs .
find x and y

Question 1 (a).
Evaluate, without using mathematical
tables or calculator,
(3.69 x 105) / (1.64 x 10-3), leaving your answer in the standard form.
(b).A man invested N20,000 in bank A and N25,000 in bank B atthe beginning of a year.
Bank A pays simple interest at arate of y% per annum and B pays 1.5% per annum.
If his total interest at the end of the year from the two banks was N4,600 find the value of y.

Question 2
(a) Simplify: x 2 – 8x + 16 . x
2 -7x + 12 (b) If ½, 1/x, 1/3 are successive terms of an arithmetic progression (A.P.), show that 2 - x = 2 x - 3 3.

question 3.
The diagram shows the cross-section of a railway tunnel.
If |AB| = 100m and the radius of the arc is 56m, calculate, correctto the nearest metre, theperimeter of the cross-section.

question 4.
Y is 60 km away from X on a bearing of 135°. Z is 80 km awayfrom X on a bearing of 225°.
Find the:
a.) distance of Z from Y.
b.) bearing of Z from Y

question 5.
Out of the 24 apples in a box, 6 are bad. If three apples are taken From the box at random, with replacement, find the probability that:
a.) the first two are good and the third is bad.
b.) all the three are bad:
c.) all the three are good.

1a.) Find Log10'2+Log10'4-Log10'4.
1b.) Simplify 7'2/4+7'3/4+(5+1/3)


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