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Saturday, September 15, 2012

All About Glo 3G Internet Bundle

img_placeholderThis is all about the Glo 3G internet bundle. This is Glo bringing to you the Internet directly. At an ultra speeding range, you can now browse the World Wide Web directly on laptops, PCs and mobile phones within the Glo 3G coverage area at high speed, of up to 3.6Mbps.

Once you are in a Glo 3G coverage area, you will be able to browse at 3G speeds, if you then move to a 2.5G coverage area, you will still continue to browse, though at a reduced speed using Glo’s extensive GPRS coverage.
The service is available on both Pre-paid and Glo Business platforms.

Merits Of Getting Glo 3G Internet Bundle

* Glo 3G HSI is simple and easy to use.

* It gives you broadband speeds without the need for cables.

* It lets you access the Internet from your home, office, car, the beach and everywhere you go within Glo’s 3.5G coverage.
Cost of Modem

Cost: N5,000. You can get it at the  Gloworld outlets and 3G Dealers.

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