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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UNILAG Students Protest VS Goodluck

Wonders shall never ends. I will be talking about the issue from two sides. The two sides including the FG and the UNILAG students. This is to say that the Unilag Students are idle.

What is there in the changing of the name? I cannot see any sense or wisdom in it at all. Forget anything like branding. Name is name. Nothing changes.

 Here is one example. I was glancing through the comments that students made on the Nigerian Online Newspaper pages and one said that "they are going to fight to the end".

What are they trying to do? Well, maybe they don't know the kind of raw wrath they are trying to bring. Though, the name is known to be one of the Late politician' s name. For God's sake, why on earth do students protest against the words of the President Goodluck. This is showing their "little birds has grown ugly wings"

A lot of people including my grandma was stranded because of this senseless protesting. 

Now to the FG. Please FG, if you are reading this, I beg my Nigerdelta brother, I no dey fight.  It seems our dear president has nothing good to offer any more. If some people are giving him some kind of advice, can he  think twice on it. I know a leader has to shows some level of strict and firm decisions but  it is just too much of him. He did same on Fuel Subsidy that nearly turned the country upside down. We lost a lot of billions of naira within days of Fuel Subsidy Protest.

He never informs anyone of the affecting masses that this is what he is trying to do. Let him carry us on. He is ruling Nigeria not mere animals. Sorry sir, if you are offended by my words but I need to  express them. This is not what we should be do all together.

Why can 't our lovely government thinks of doing something to the issue of Power and Security. Let him think more.

Two  wrongs can't make a right. The UNILAG students and the president are both at fault. That's my judgment.


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