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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reps Sets To Probe Student Failure In Examinations

The house of reps. have sets to probe the massive failure of students in the 2011 examinations. It is not yet known of the cause  but  the truth will soon surface. According to the Nations newspaper,

Alagbaso said: “This mass failure is becoming so embarrassing that a review and realignment of the curricula is required.” 
 House Committee Chairman on Education, Farouk Lawan, said the education sector needs urgent overhaul to ensure improved quality.

Some of the lawmakers said that the teachers are either not well motivated to properly carry out their job or they (the teachers) are not well trained to teach the student because same curricula have been used the other countries and there are reports of success. So, soon the probing will start. Let's relax and see the outcome of it.God Bless Nigeria.


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